Paul Hunton
General Manager at KTTZ-TV and KTTZ-FM | 806-834-5001

KTTZ Staff

Tori Rodriquez | Membership Coordinator | 806-834-8597

Bradley Karr| Business Development Manager | 806-834-8456

Becky Ivey| Marketing Director of KTTZ-TV and KTTZ-FM | 806-834-6974

Bradley Morton | Master Control Operator of KTTZ-TV and KTTZ-FM

Kaysie Ellingson | Senior Producer of KTTZ-TV | 806-834-5393

Daniel Ballard | Producer of KTTZ-TV | 806-834-3785

Jonathan Seaborn| Production Director of KTTZ-TV | 806-834-8041
Laura Camper| Administrative Assistant of KTTZ-TV | 806-834-1220
Michelle Dillard | Program Manager of KTTZ-TV | 806-834-2762
Rick Savage |Senior Broadcast Technician of KTTZ-TV
Alisan Sweet | Business Manager | 806-834-2398
Reagan Doyal | Education Content and Outreach Director of KTTZ-TV

Ron Trice |Director of Engineering of KTTZ-TV and KTTZ-FM | 806-834-3331
TR Castillo| Producer of KTTZ-TV | 806-834-5565

Weston Davis | Digital Media Coordinator

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