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A Christmas Miracle: Annie Chalex Boyle's Unforgettable Performance Returns to the Spotlight

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'Tis the Season for Miracles
This Christmas, the spirit of joy and celebration takes center stage with a heartwarming tale of resilience and collaboration. On December 2nd, the 65th Annual Carol of Lights live event faced unexpected challenges, turning renowned violinist Annie Chalex Boyle's rendition of "O Holy Night" into a silent night due to audio technical difficulties. However, the story doesn't end there. Thanks to the combined efforts of Texas Tech Public Media, the Texas Tech University School of Music, and pianist Mark Lowrey, the magic of Christmas will happen on Friday, December 8, 2023, at 8PM on PBS.  

Silent Night
The much-anticipated Carol of Lights event encountered a hiccup as technical glitches disrupted the audio during violinist Annie Chalex Boyle's live performance. A moment that was supposed to echo with the soul-stirring notes of "O Holy Night" became a silent and unexpected one; the audio signal from her violin never reached the concert loudspeakers or the television broadcast channels. Nevertheless, adversity often paves the way for inspiration, and in this case, it led to the birth of a heartening collaboration.

Texas Tech Public Media, the School of Music, and pianist Mark Lowrey of Lost Wax collaborated seamlessly to restore the magic of Annie's performance. Mark contributed his piano accompaniment remotely from Kansas City with the help of audio engineer Matt Allen of Jukeboxx Media and forwarded the digital file to Texas Tech Public Media on Tuesday, December 5. The next day, Annie and producers from Texas Tech Public Media met in the School of Music recording studio. There, they partnered with Director of Media Production and Assistant Professor of Composition, Hideki Isoda, who served as Annie's audio engineer. With Mark’s fresh piano recording as reference, using some of the best microphones in the world, and playing a violin made four hundred years ago, Annie delivered her performance of “O Holy Night” as it was intended. Within the same day, Director of Content Simon Parmley of Texas Tech Public Media skillfully combined the footage from all three performances with the wonderfully mastered audio into a new production that authentically captured the essence of what was regrettably missed during the Carol of Lights event.

Watch PBS
There is a second chance to witness Annie Chalex Boyle's enchanting performance. On Friday, December 8, 2023, at 8PM on PBS stations in Lubbock and El Paso, audiences are invited to relive the 65th Annual Carol of Lights, complete with the magical rendition of "O Holy Night." The rebroadcast promises to capture the essence of the live event, presenting Annie's performance in all its glory and ensuring that the intended Christmas magic is felt by viewers near and far.

In the true spirit of Christmas, these events have turned a moment of adversity into a heartwarming tale of unity and resilience. As the 65th Annual Carol of Lights takes the stage once again, viewers are in for a treat— a chance to experience Annie Chalex Boyle's unforgettable performance, bringing the joy and spirit of Christmas to homes across West Texas. Don't miss this second chance to witness the unforgettable performance! 

Catch the replay of the 65th Annual Carol of Lights on Friday, December 8, 2023, at 8PM on PBS stations in Lubbock and El Paso, and stream the incredible performance and behind-the-scenes look on our YouTube channel