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Channel 5 are your public broadcasting stations! We deeply appreciate your support, whether you are a volunteer, donor or underwriter. Channel 5 focuses on the arts, education, community outreach and quality local and national programming. KTTZ-TV provides the South Plains with the very best in classical music and cultural programming. Your financial support is used to help acquire programming, help with station upkeep, purchase programming equipment, assist in everyday needs, and much more. As a public broadcasting station, we feel that it is important that you play a vital role in funding. The best way you can do that is by making an investment.


Becoming a member of the KTTZ-TV family is easy! We offer several levels of support that can be multiplied through matching gift programs. A basic membership of $35+ shows your investment in your local public broadcasting station. You can find out more about the benefits of becoming a member by calling (806)742-2209.

Planned Giving

When considering a planned gift to Channel 5, you can balance your family's needs and financial resources with your support for public broadcasting. A planned gift strategy will empower Channel 5 to reach our vision for tomorrow while you continue to tailor your financial goals for life. Information regarding bequests, life income gifts and recognition through our Legacy Circle are available by contacting Jen Bailey at or (806) 834-3104 or Sherril Skibell at or (806) 834-5646.

Tribute Gifts

Memorial and honorarium gifts provide a way to remember the special people in your life. Whether you are recognizing a family member, friend, mentor or colleague, gifts made in honor or in memory provide important support for Texas Tech Public Broadcasting.

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KTTZ Passport is an added benefit for valued donors of public television.

With KTTZ Passport, you can enjoy past episodes of many of your favorite PBS and KTTZ shows on demand using your computer, smartphone or tablet

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