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ROOTED | Don Shapiro 

Season 1, Episode 3

This episode covers the story of Don Shapiro, entrepreneur and mastermind behind Action West Jeans. 


Learn more about how Shapiro's perseverance and success helped cultivate El Paso's current social and economic landscape.

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ROOTED | Season Teaser | 2021

PBS El Paso's series, ROOTED, explores the dynamic of close-knit communities, including people from all walks of life, who find ways to connect and grow together through mutual hobbies and interests.

ROOTED | Natalie Beagle | S1E1

In our first episode, we meet Natalie Beagle of Seek Truth Garden. 
Special thanks to Natalie's partner, Natasha Acevedo. 

ROOTED | East Lubbock Art House Community Fridge | S1E2

This episode of ROOTED covers the story of "East Lubbock Art House Community Fridge," a local effort to feed a community in need. 

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