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Stories From East Lubbock | The Podcast Series

Episode four: In 1923, the city of Lubbock established an ordinance confining African Americans to an eastern area of the city. Out of that confinement grew a tight-knit community of educators, innovators and leaders. In this episode we explore an area known as "the flats," one of the first Black communities within Lubbock. We hear the stories of the leaders who came from "the flats." As current leadership pushes the community forward, they reflect on aspects of the past that helped East Lubbock flourish, that need restoration and preservation.

Stories From East Lubbock (Podcast Series)

Season 2, Episode 4




EPISODE 1 | The Holmes Family Legacy

EPISODE 2 |AJ McCleod: Turning Tragedy Into Action

EPISODE 3 |The Caviels

EPISODE 4 |Stories From "The Flats"
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